Imagine™ VS

Imagine™ VS hearing aids are sleek, elegant and hardly noticeable — allowing you to participate more fully in conversations without friends and co-workers detecting your hearing aid. Loaded with many of NuEar's innovative features, they're a good choice for a wide range of hearing and lifestyle needs.


  • Active Feedback Suppressor

    Feedback cancellation system that virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling.

  • Vivid Speech

    Noise reduction and speech preservation system specifically designed to maintain speech understanding in noise and reduce listening effort. *

    * Sarampalis, A., Kalluri, S., Edwards, B., Hafter, E. (2009, October) Objective measures of listening effort: Effects of background noise and noise reduction. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 52, 1230-1240.

  • T² Remote

    First-ever technology that discreetly and simply adjusts your hearing aid's memory or volume using any touch-tone phone without additional hardware.

  • Advanced HydraShield®

    Thanks to NuEar’s proprietary Advanced HydraShield technology, your Imagine VS hearing aids are impervious to water, humidity, sweat, rust and corrosion.

  • Intuitive Features

    Automatic voice and tone indicators that tell you the status of your hearing aid, battery and when you need to make an appointment.

  • React™ Touch Control

    First-ever behind-the-ear hearing aid with touch control, so volume and memory adjustments can be made with a simple touch of your finger.

  • Automatic Telephone Response

    Your hearing aids will automatically know when you're on the phone and adjust settings for optimal telephone listening.

  • Television Processing

    This special memory capability allows your hearing instruments to automatically adjust to the preset TV listening settings most comfortable for you.

  • Available Styles

    Talk to your hearing professional today to help you find the style that fits your lifestyle.

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